CEO Message

Since started business activities as Sunkyung Pneumatics in 1987, SKP Corporation has been focusing on the production and development of pneumatic equipment which is one parts to make automation equipment leading the industry sites used effciently and safely.

SKP producing diversified product groups
SKP is producing cleaning equipment including micro-separators and filters, pneumatic accessories including air units, direction controllers including solenoid valves seeking quality enhancement through repetition of development, and various accessories facilitating the use of such products more.

Quality first doctrine and customer-based doctrine that have been connected since its establishment
SKP Corporation considers customer satisfaction in the first place, and makes it the first objective to provide its customers with the best products and services all the time. It is natural to provide good products as an enterprise producing products, but needed is a firm will to provide the best quality only all the time with an attitude based on customers at in order to keep the natural reason. SKP Corporation considers customer satisfaction in the first place. And, SKP is providing products of the best quality for this, and is furthermore making an effort at all times so that customers may use its products safely and effectively.

Constant effort for future
SKP Corporation is always exerting every effort to develop products and improve their quality. SKP is endlessly doing research and making every effort to produce better products, more developed and new products and convenient and safe products by thinking that customer satisfaction is raised one step more whenever product quality is raised one step higher. SKP is always keeping it in mind that it is an attitude as a real enterprise to prepare for the developed future with constant development, research and effort without settling down at the present.

SKP as a member of grobal networks
Environments around the business are more rapidly changing than before, and geographical conditions are no more limiting business’s activities on the condition of severe competition. Overflowing information and international networks have made a company’s products producible and sellable anywhere in the world. However, exporting products shows national images and technical development by exceeding simple pursuit of business profits. SKP Corporation is continuously making an effort to spread the best products globally as a member of Korean hydraulic and pneumatic manufacturers by keeping this point in mind.

Making trust and effort a basic concept
As an enterprise to do manufacturing business that is a foundation of industry, SKP Corporation is making trust and efforts a more basic concept than anything else and applying it to the overall business activities in order to become an enterprise that can contribute to even a part of society and economy rather than an enterprise that simply pursues profits. SKP will be maintaining an ever changing and trying attitude to get trust from customers by satisfying customers constantly, to grow along with customers eventually, and to create a new value. SKP will be overcoming environmental difficulties with passion for the customers and a challenging mind for future and be go forward at all times to stretch itself to the broader place.

CEO of SKP Corporation.

Heun-Soo Jeon